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Windows 101

WindowsStyles & Shapes
Double Hung
Both sash on Double Hung windows open fully.

Single Hung
Top sash remains fixed, while bottom sash opens.

Double Slider
Both sash open and close by gliding from side to side.

Single Slider
One sash opens and closes by gliding from side to side, while the other remains fixed.

Sash are hinged on the side and crank open a full 90 degrees* for maximum ventilation.

Sash are hinged on top and crank out and upward.

Picture windows are fixed and do not open or close.

Geometrics are fixed windows available in stylish shapes.

Bay windows are created by mulling three windows at either 30- or 45-degree angles.

More rounded in appearance than a Bay, Bow windows feature windows mulled at 10-degree angles

Garden Window
Garden windows feature functional Casement sidelites and create a sunlit area to showcase plants or collectibles.

Patio Door
Patio Doors feature broad expanses of glass and slide open easily.

Garden Door
Garden Doors swing open and can be ordered to swing in or out.

Why Vinyl
When it comes to windows and doors, vinyl is an all-around excellent choice. Unlike wood, vinyl windows and doors will never rot or require endless repainting. And unlike aluminum, vinyl windows and doors will never pit or flake. Simonton vinyl windows and doors are made from the highest quality vinyl and require almost no maintenance. In fact, an occasional washing will keep them looking like new for years. Plus, they offer increased comfort and lower utility bills, provide headache-free operation and add value to your home. You can’t get much better than that.

  • Increased Comfort Simonton’s vinyl windows and doors offer excellent thermal performance for year-round comfort and to help lower utility bills.
  • Easy Operation Our windows and doors open and close easily for maximum performance with minimum effort.
  • Weatherability The premium vinyl used in Simonton windows and doors can stand up to extreme weather conditions year after year.
  • Energy Efficiency Vinyl is an effective insulator. Our vinyl profiles are specially designed to work with advanced glass packages for optimum energy efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance The color of the vinyl is integrated throughout, so frames and sash will never require painting, and they resist pollution, salt spray and dirt.
  • Value Not only do Simonton windows and doors help to lower home utility bills, they also add value to your home.

Testing shows that vinyl window and doors are comparable to wood products in thermal efficiency.

Glass Options
When it comes to saving energy and keeping your home more comfortable, you need the right glass package to get the job done. Simonton Windows® combines the most effective features and the most advanced designs to achieve truly impressive year-round thermal performance.

Standard Glass Package The standard glass package on most windows comprises ProSolar™ soft coat Low E glass, an Argon gas fill, the Intercept® spacer system and a deep-set insulating glass unit.

In summer months, Low E glass keeps cool air inside while keeping hot air outside. In winter, Low E glass keeps warm air in and cold air out. Low E glass also blocks 84% of UV rays which can fade carpets, draperies and artwork.

1” I.G. and Super Spacer® This upgrade combines double-strength ProSolar™ soft coat Low E glass, an Argon gas fill, the Super Spacer® solid silicone foam spacer and a 1” insulating glass unit.

Krypton Gas Fill Available on select series, this optional upgrade increases efficiency by replacing air in the insulating glass unit with Krypton gas. Nearly 12 times the density of air, Krypton gas provides superior insulation.

Laminated Glass For the ultimate in efficiency and security, choose laminated glass. This remarkable glass blocks over 99% of the sun's most damaging UV rays. For added safety, the laminated glass will not fall out inside the home if the window is struck with force and also helps reduce noise transmission.

Window Hardware
This is an area where very small details can make a very big difference. Every piece of hardware used for Simonton windows is designed for serious long-lasting performance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and express yourself. Whether you choose the gleaming richness of brass hardware, the understated simplicity of color-matched hardware, or any of our other finishes, you’re assured of legendary Simonton quality day in and day out.

Color-matched cam locks are standard on all windows. For an upscale look, optional brass hardware can be selected.

Lift Rails/Pull Stiles
Operable windows feature color-coordinated, easy-to-use lift rails (on hung windows) and pull stiles (on slider windows) that are extruded into the sash for maximum durability over time.

Crank Handles
Casement windows feature smoothly operating crank handles, allowing the sash to be open to a full 90 degrees.* Crank handles are color-coordinated for an attractive, uniform appearance. Optional folding crank handle is also available.

*Sash on Casements that are 17" or less in width only open to 45 degrees.

Door Hardware
Both Patio and Garden Doors feature a multi-point locking system that tightly secures the door for increased weatherability and safety. External keyed or non-keyed versions are available. Garden Doors feature an attractive solid brass handle and additional faux handles are available for stationary French-hinged doors.

Replacement Patio Door Hardware
The door that has always helped bring the outside in can also bring the house down. Replacement Patio Doors are available with optional hardware packages that complement your home's designer drawer pulls, custom fixtures and appliances. See your Sales Representative for a complete list of finishes and available product lines.

Colors & Grid
We've combined a variety of color choices and grids in an assortment of styles and patterns so you can find what you need to coordinate with the architecture and decor of your home. Available on select lines, Decorum™ by Simonton is a portfolio of unique interior options that allows you to create a look that is distinctively yours. Interior laminates provide the rich warmth of woodgrain in Antique Cherry, Maple or Contemporary Oak, or the crisp, clean simplicity of Pure White.

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